Bismillah ar Rahman ar Raheem

Bismillah ar Rahman ar Raheem
May Allah increase us in knowledge Ameen

Hadith on knowledge

Rasullah(saw) said: "He who takes the path to seeking knowledge Allah makes easy for him the path to Paradise"

(Abu Dawood)

About This Blog

Asalaam Alaikum, Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakhatu,

In the name of Allaah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

All thanks and praise is due to Allaah and prayers and peace be upon His Last Prophet and Messenger sallallaahu alayhi wasalama, His family, his companions (RadyAllaahu anhum ajma’een) and all of those who are seeking the knowledge and trying to implement and follow the guidance - Ameen

My name is Shalisha and my Muslim name is Raiyaan, Hence Shalisha Raiyaan is what i sign all my post as. As you may have probably already guessed by now i am a revert. I was blessed with the light of Islam a year and a half ago Alhamdulilah. From as far back as i can remember i have always been on a constant search for knowledge, Truth and enlightenment so it is no surprise that Allah guided me to Islam the ONE light of truth that will never lead you astray. So my time now,when I'm not working, is spent increasing in knowledge of my Deen.

i started this blog for a few reasons the first of which was to improve my writing skills. As i pondered on what i could write about in this blog it occurred to me; why not improve one passion by writing about another - Islam!

I do not claim to be a scholar or even a knowledgeable person. However over the pass year and a half i have learnt about Islam and moved further away from my ignorance Masha- Allah. I have a long way to go and my journey is not even half way finished. One thing i have learnt which is very true; One way to cement what you learn in your heart is to teach it to others. when we learn we must share the knowledge and not keep it hidden. It is said even if you only know one Ayat of the Quran, it is your duty to convey the message.
So Alhamdulilah this is my intention. Everything i write i will include the author and name title of the book i retrieved the information from, so you are then able to go away and get a better understanding of the subject i discuss Insha Allaah.

This blog is aimed at those who want to start increasing their knowledge of the deen but do not always have time to read a whole book. It is for new reverts to Islam, those who we're born into Islam and even non Muslims who are interested in our way of life - and may Allah guide us all. I try to keep it light and on general issues as again i am not a shaikh. I decided to include my poetry and updates on upcoming events in the Muslim community. Check out the other tabs for a more detailed description Insha'Allah.

Please feel free to leave comments on any of my posts. Also if you find any fault in anything i have written and want to give me advice or anything else please feel free to email me at

I hope you benefit from the journey 2 knowledge as much as i am

Anything i write that is of benefit is only from Allah and anything i write that has fault is only from me. May Allah (swt) purify my intentions and reward me for any good that i intend. And increase us all in knowledge and implementation of whatever we learn


Shalisha Raiyan