Bismillah ar Rahman ar Raheem

Bismillah ar Rahman ar Raheem
May Allah increase us in knowledge Ameen

Hadith on knowledge

Rasullah(saw) said: "He who takes the path to seeking knowledge Allah makes easy for him the path to Paradise"

(Abu Dawood)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

iERA Responds to the “British Schools, Islamic Rules” Panorama Programme

PRESS RELEASE: iERA Responds to the “British Schools, Islamic Rules” Panorama Programme

On the 22nd November 2010 the BBC aired a Panorama programme entitled “British Schools, Islamic Rules”. This programme aimed to investigate the “disturbing evidence” that some Muslim schools were providing a platform to “extremist preachers” and “fundamentalist Islamic groups”. The programme also attempted to “expose” the extreme, anti-Semitic and homophobic material found within the curriculum of some Islamic schools.

In short, the programme misrepresented established Islamic teachings on a range of issues in a manner that portrayed them as crude and insensitive whilst linking them to social unrest and violence.

In a statement by Saqib Sattar, Vice-Chairman of the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA), he said “The attack on Muslim schools as an institution is both ill-informed and misguided. Muslim schools constantly achieve high academic standards with students continuously becoming highly responsible members of society, contributing positively to the public good. No ‘hard’ evidence has ever been presented otherwise. Muslim Schools have excelled in this regard, due in no small part to their ethos which is rooted in the Islamic scholarly tradition which provides an objective and cohesive basis for social values and norms, something which we find lacking in our increasingly secular society. The irony is that most of our social ills stem from the failure of state schools and society at large to provide such grounding, leading ever more conscientious parents to choose private or faith schools for their children’s secondary education. Faith schools and communities are providing that important moral voice for our society, making their presence felt through social welfare projects across the country. The contribution of faith communities should actually be championed and not maligned.”

The BBC has shown that it does not have the ability to convey the reality of the Islamic tradition. iERA condemns such irresponsible and sensationalist programmes. It is obvious that this Panorama programme has been designed to attract viewers without engaging their minds.

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, iERA’s media representative said, “The attack on mainstream Islamic speakers because they hold established theological views is making the job of community cohesion difficult, as is the constant misconstruing or lack of context with regards to their statements. The programme-makers would have been better served to look deeply into the Islamic scholarly tradition and its historical impact, and they would have found a beautiful model of community cohesion. For example it is a well known historical fact that Islam and Muslims for centuries have been offering protection to the Jewish community. A contemporary Jewish Historian Zion Zohar for instance has written that Jews used to see Muslims as liberators from Christian persecution. There is a whole corpus of historical and theological material that strongly indicates conclusions that contrast with the content of the Panorama programme. Another example includes the Jewish Historian Amnon Cohen who writes that Jewish people, particularly women, used to go to Islamic authorities for adjudication of disputes even though they were always given the option to go to Rabbinical courts.

 The reality that Islam has ensured security and peace for the Jewish people is not a historical accident, it is engrained in the Islamic traditional sources. For instance the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessing be upon Him) said that ‘whoever harms a non-Muslim harms me’. Additionally the Qur’an, the holy book of the Muslims, states in its 60th chapter ‘And He does not forbid you to deal kindly and justly with anyone who has not fought you for your faith or driven you out of your homes: God loves the just”. The difference between political confrontation and communal engagement has always been clear in the Islamic tradition. It is very surprising that the BBC ignored this fact, and shows once again that it has prioritised sensationalism over substance.

For many Muslims, Islamic law is an important part of their lives. Islamic law covers politics, economics, criminal law, business, contracts, family life, hygiene, social issues and many more. There are similarities with Western secular law in terms of the rights it gives and the principles and values that it upholds. To reduce Islamic law to criminal punishments is a caricature of a comprehensive legal and social framework.”

Sattar further adds “The decontextualised references to cutting the hand of the thief and other criminal punishments in the programme are the equivalent of claiming that British law is unjust because it has short sentences for rapists without even taking into consideration the social and jurisprudential context of the British legal system. For example, Professor of Law at Harvard University Noah Feldman has tried to educate the west on Islamic punishments. He states “Today, when we invoke the harsh punishments prescribed by Shariah [Islamic law] for a handful of offences, we rarely acknowledge the high standards of proof necessary for their implementation.”

To warmly articulate the Islamic worldview and demystify the negative image this programme attempted to paint of Islam and Muslims, iERA will be distributing their new CD “Another View” and a leaflet clarifying the BBC’s misconceptions across the UK, and also on the morning of Monday 29th December 2010 outside the BBC Headquarters with specific educational packs for the programme makers.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Pro-Creation & Fitrah

May Allah increase our knowledge and make us of those who hear the best of what has been taught and follow the best of it Insha’Allah
Information taken from
Book: The fundamentals of Tawheed
Author: Abu Ameena Bilal Phillips

Pro Creation
The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: ''When God created Adam he extracted from him all the descendants who would be born until the end of the world. (So that is every single human from the beginning of time until the end of time). He put them before him and said 'am I not your lord' and they all replied (so that’s including me and you)''yes we testify to it'' Allah then explained why he made us all testify to this. The reason for this is in case mankind should say on the day of resurrection 'surely we were unaware of all this we had no idea that you - Allah were our God. No one told us that we were supposed to worship you alone'' it was also in case some people would say 'it was our ancestors who made partners with God we are only their descendants will you then destroy us for what those liars did''

The evidence in the Quran for what I said above is (Qur'an chapter 7:verse172-173).
So from this we see that we are all responsible for our own belief in God and we will all be held accountable for what we did with our knowledge and belief in God no excuses will be accepted. Every human being has belief in God imprinted on their soul whether they choose to recognise this or not.
Adam also took this covenant - however when he was tempted by Satan he forgot the promise he made to Allah and so did Adams descendants (us). Most of us have ignored our responsibility to truly believe in God and worship him alone. Instead of putting Allah before our desires, we let Satan tempt us. Rather than an apple of the forbidden tree he uses money, weed, alcohol, women, men and sex to distract our focus and make our vision cloudy.  What’s even worse we don't even give Satan his dues instead we say, I drink because I want to drink I smoke because I want to smoke I have sex with x amount of men and women because I want to. I don't love money I just want to make as much as I can any way I can!!
The Prophet (saw) also said:

''Allah than pointed to some of the descendants that he had extracted from Adam and his children and said I have created these people for paradise. He then pointed to the rest and said I have created these people for the hellfire and they will do the deeds of the inhabitants of hell. When the prophet said that one of the companions said ''then what is the point of doing good deeds?''  The prophet replied verily if Allah created one of his servants for paradise he helps him do the good deeds of the people of paradise until he dies doing one of their deeds then he places him in paradise because of it. But if he created a man for hellfire he helps him in those deeds until he dies doing one of them then he puts them in the fire because of that''

This doesn't mean we don’t have free will over our actions otherwise there would be no point of calling us to account on the day of judgement. It just means that God already knows where each of us is destined to go. However he is allowing us to make the evidence so when we are called to account he has proof that whatever decision He makes is the right one. So if for instance we were of the people of hell and God said this is because of the actions I know you would have committed, with no proof we would beg and plead and say “no I would never do such and such a bad thing I don't deserve to be here”. So instead he leaves us to increase in good or bad deeds
Qur'an 26:227: Those who have wronged will come to know by what overturning they will be overturned''
If someone sincerely believes in God and tries to do good, Allah will give him many opportunities to improve his belief and increase his good deeds Allah will never cause sincere belief to be wasted even if the believer falls off the path he will help him get back on it. Allah may punish him in this life when he goes off track to remind him of his errors and wake him up to make amends. In fact Allah is so merciful as to take the life of the sincere believer while he is doing a good deed thereby ensuring the believer will be among those destined for paradise.

Muslim. what does the actual word mean?
Muslim= an Arabic word meaning one who submits surrenders or is obedient to the will of  God

I find we as people often associate the word Muslim with how they dress, speak, what they believe but never really just looked at the word alone. Now knowing that a Muslim is "one who submits to the Will of God", would you not say that everything on this earth is a Muslim? Sounds weird don't it but take a minute and actually think about it! Every day the sun rises and it sets it rotates around the earth;  every night the moon appears and disappears; the stars appear and disappear; the clouds produce the rain and the whole rain system. Is this not what God intended when he made the system? If the answer is yes than that means the sun and the moon and all those other things mentioned submit to the will of Allah so it Is a Muslim.

When your heart pumps blood around your body; or when you cut yourself and then you get a scab that turns into a scar due to the body healing itself ; is this not what God intended when he made the functions of the body? If its yes then our organs in our body are Muslims submitting to Gods will.

The trees bear leaves and fruit in the autumn the leaves go brown they fall off in the winter grow back in the spring and bloom in the summer than it starts over again is this not following the will of  Allah? So what are the trees and plants?

Bees take pollen from flowers and produce honey who created the bees and flowers that produce pollen whose will are they submitting to? I could go on and on........ OK one more When a man and a woman have sex and the sperm goes into the woman the woman's egg goes down the Fallopian tube the two meet and  a baby is conceived who created this law? So whose will do our bodies submit to? So from the biggest to the smallest living and non living things everything obeys the laws of Allah.Even if a person does not believe in God or worships idols they are still technically Muslims because wether they like it or not they are submitting to the will of Allah every second of their life with every part of their body and bodily organs and micro organisms.

Fitrah = The natural disposition we are all born with

When a baby is born it is in its natural state, the fitrah. Whats the first thing all babies do? Cry. Look around. Sleep. Drink. That's all they know. So remember I said before any of us came to this earth God made us all testify there is only one God. Well this is imprinted on our souls as babies and we have a natural belief in God. That's why some people may not have a religion but deep in their soul they know there is a God without any doubts they can feel it, this natural state is called the fitrah.
In a hadith the Prophet said: ''Each child is born in a state of fitrah but his parents make him a Jew or a christian. It is like the way an animal gives birth to a normal offspring have you noticed any baby animal born mutilated before you mutilate them''

Now lets look at this from a different angle. I bet your thinking so what your saying is we are all Muslims? Yes but also the fact that God has placed us above all creation! Why do you think that is? Because as human beings he has given us reason  intellect and free will. So although our physical bodies and our souls work in accordance to Gods law it is ultimately us who choose to believe or not to believe to try and live good with people our not to he can go by his own thoughts or follow the action of others its all up to us!
….''The religion which the child follows at this stage is one of custom and upbringing and God does not hold the child too account or punish it for this religion. However when the child matures in youth and clear proofs of the falsehood of its religion are brought to it the adult must now follow the religion of knowledge and reason. At this point the devils try their best to encourage him to stay as he is or to go further astray. Evils are made pleasing to him and he must now live in the midst of a struggle between his fitrah and his desires Allah will help him overcome his desires even though it may take most of his life to escape. For many people enter Islam in their old age although most tend to do so before that''
(excerpt from Bilal Phillips Tawheed)

The Book which my information was based from can be found on the website Kalamullah just click on the link below Insha Allah

Saturday, 13 November 2010



Asalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakhatu

What is to follow is from my own understanding of what I have learnt about the concept of Tawheed. I will try to provide evidence as much as I am able.
My main source of learning was from a book called:
Fundamentals Of Tawheed  by Abu Ameena  Bilal  Phillips.

In order to gain a deeper and more accurate understanding it is good practice to try and read directly from the source. However I hope that you are able to benefit from this Insha Allah

Inspiring Story:: A Carrot, An Egg And A Cup of Coffee

You may never look at a cup of coffee the same way again........

A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as though just as one problem was solved, a new one arose.

Her mother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the pots came to a boil.

Am i Falling Off the Siratal Mustaqeem?

Why is it.....
That I always seem to end up in the same place?
Why is it.....
That I never seem to learn from the same mistakes?

Well my child.....
Maybe if you slowed your pace
 instead of trying to be ahead of the race.....
It's time to Think, Plot and Strategies -give up on this Dunyah chase

Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Tongue & The Heart - Evil or Good

Luqmaan(A.S.) gave his son the following advice which can be followed by us as a guiding principle for life; it is recorded in the Qur'an:
"To Believe in Allah, and to be sincere in devotion to Him. Never associate partners with Allah, for associating anyone with Him is the greatest sin; not only is it a sin against Allah but also against oneself. Love and show obedience to parents even if they are unbelievers. If, however, a parent's way of life were to lead one to become an unbeliever then the path of goodness which leads to Allah should be followed,

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


We are travellers in this land on a pit stop  

Wasting valuable time engaging in dunya activities rather than preparing for akhirah and fearing Allaah the way HE should be
 Imagine this; we are lucky 2 be guided 2 the haaq, 2 know the haaq; 
yet still we disobey! Subhan Allaah, Seriously aks and uktis this aint the way.

 From mistake 2 mistake we make.
We look at our faults as minor
2 busy pointing out the mistakes of others  rather than looking at ourselves.


LISTEN! im a sister on a mission
Its TIME to get this UMMAH in ah better posistion
Help us envision a BETTER way of LIVING
MORE time in SUJOOD making DU'A for the youth
put TAWAKKAL in ALLAH and everything else will follow through


Your not man enough 4 me cah you don't get down on your knees,you don't wanna talk to my wali but you stay steady hollering at me!
Yo yo Akhi that ain't how its meant to be so ima school yah on what it takes to be with a muslimah like me........